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What is the Metaverse?

In my opinion, part of #digitalliteracy includes staying abreast of new and emerging technologies. If we're going to bridge the #digitaldivide not only do we have to bring our technical skills up to par, but we also need to stay on the cutting edge of new technical concepts and opportunities. One of the latests technical buzzwords is "the metaverse". CNET has launched a new series to help us wrap our minds around this new subject. For starters, David Chalmers, a philosopher at New York University, gives a simplified definition of the metaverse in today's article: "The metaverse is no longer a single virtual world or even a cluster of virtual worlds. It's the entire system of virtual and augmented worlds. Where the old metaverse was like a platform on the internet, the new metaverse is more like the internet as a whole, just the immersive internet." #foodforthought#immersivetechnology#metaverse#digitalliteracy

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