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Youth Training Programs


Built on Relevant 21st Century Skills

It is important to teach basic skills like reading, writing, and math. But if we provide students with only the basics, then they will suffer from a huge gap in the knowledge and skills they need to function well in 21st century workplaces.  In order to be effective citizens, workers and leaders in society, students also need practice with critical thinking, communication, collaboration and exercising their creativity

"Out-of-School" Options for Parents, Educators, Homeschools and Community Programs

Train-the-Trainer Approach, Modeling Best Practices in Education

Parents at Home

Educators, Administrators 

Youth Groups & Leaders

Homeschools & Co-Ops

High School & College Programs

Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships

Kids with Capes

Building Stong Computer Literacy and Technology Skills

College Friends

Creating Pathways to Higher Learning and Alternative Career Programs

15+ Years of Experience

Customized Training Programs

Certified Professional Trainers

Industry-Recognized Certifications

Easy & Accessible Training Tools

Top Skillsets & Competencies

We're Committed to Bring You the Best  Technology Training Tools and Resources
Keyboard and Mouse

Prepared for the Future of Work


Never before has it been so important to consciously develop students skills and competencies to prepare them for the future of work. Across industries, employers are looking at individuals’ skills in communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking to determine best fit for their company. To prepare students for the future, these skills need to be harnessed at a young age, where they are being appropriately challenged through each age and stage of learning. Our training programs focus on using Google tools, cloud-based platforms and relevant add-ons to drive future ready skill development and support educators and students in developing their future-ready digital skills. 

Partnerships are Our Lifeline




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Coding for Kids Ebook

Our New Normal

It doesn't take Rocket Science to know that things have changed since the pandemic of 2020. The way we live, work and learn has shifted into a new normal.

We All Are Impacted

Technology touches almost every aspect of our lives. And because it continues to move so swiftly, it is critical that we stay as up-to-date as possible  with our technical skills.


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