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Coding Curriculum for Kids is a book for parents and kids. In a time when learning computer skills is more important than ever, this book gives you a friendly, approachable and fun introduction to help teach kids this critical skill.


Angela Valentine is a true teacher at heart. As a full-time educator, wife and mother, she gets it. Technology is a vast subject and can intimidate most. With this book she has put together a simple and fun introduction to coding to help lay a solid foundation for learning computer skills. As a Google for Education Certified Trainer, she is an expert in making complicated subjects simple for kids. Angela also has a background as a corporate trainer and college instructor. and is now a homeschool mom. It is no doubt that teaching is her passion.


This 45-page resource is fun, interactive and full of hands-on activities. It can be used as a standalone resource or in a live online class with ADVScholars. If you would like your child to attend a free online coding class please contact for more information.



Coding Curriculum for Kids (Digital Download)

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