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Microsoft's Global Learning Connection 2020

Passports were filled with virtual stamps on November 10-11, 2020, as thousands of students and educators participated in the Microsoft Global Learning Connection. Students from more than 80 countries traveled millions of virtual miles during the 48-hour event, celebrating the opportunity that remote learning presents to truly break down the walls of classrooms and homes and enable limitless learning.

It was humbling to see students connecting in different ways using the power of Microsoft Teams, Flipgrid, and Skype. With so many schools still impacted by the pandemic and learning from home, it was particularly exciting to see that students, regardless of their locations, were able to be inspired by guest speakers and field trip partners like zoos and museums. Whether students were together in their classroom social distancing or interacting over Teams in Together Mode, they were empowered to experience the world in new ways.

We also saw amazing examples of educators who showed their incredible resilience to provide interactive and immersive experiences for students amid these challenging times. We saw students share their culture and traditions, dance, sing, share stories, and play mystery Skype and mystery animal. Students also showed curiosity and engaged in discussion with each other on important topics like climate change, sustainability, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and healthcare. It was fantastic to see students learning from each and sharing ideas about how they can make a positive impact on the world with technology.

This year’s new live events during the Global Learning Connection were also a highlight. Students connected with a Minecraft Developer, were entertained by sharks at the Mote Marine Laboratory, and went on a journey to space with the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.

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