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Feature: Community Partnerships Program

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

ADVScholars is honored to partner with the R.I.S.E. Tech Immersion Program who is a grant recipient from the the City of Chicago to address violence prevention. This program provides training for justice-involved and other community members to help enhance their technical skills as well a provide options for pathways to further their education.

We were able to work together to establish 10 and 12-week programs that cover subjects such as Understanding Cloud Apps, Design Thinking, Building Apps and Websites without Code, and Virtual/Augmented Reality Technologies.

Students who complete this program are able to add these relevant skills to their resumes and are provided ongoing support to help further develop their skills and start businesses or continue into under-sourced and highly paid technical careers.

This is just one of the ways ADVScholars partners with community nonprofits to help bridge the digital learning divide. If you are interested in implementing technology programs in your organization let's talk about how we can partner together!

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